Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1324 Ceramic Disc Pad Review

Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1324 Ceramic Disc Pad Review

Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1324 Ceramic Disc Pad ReviewThermoQuiet brake pads provides a superior stopping power at any conditions. They are well designed with latest formulations and technologies to ultimately provide a better braking system. They ensure a quiet and unmatched braking.

This brake pad is rich with features such as the integrally molded insulator that enhances a one piece design. This feature also helps in dissipation of heat and vibration to enhance a quiet operation.

With ThermoQuiet brake pads, you can easily adjust the temperature range. Thanks to the thermal-sensitive friction which facilitates the adjustment of temperature ranges for a dependable breaking performance at different conditions.

Well built with modern technology that inside features such as proprietary friction formulation. This feature offers a quiet operation and ensures that dust is well controlled.

These brake pads are also equipped with the patented friction technology that optimizes the pad to rotor contact to prevent heat and vibrations.

ThermoQuiet QC1324 Ceramic Disc Pad Review/ 5 Major Features

1. Proprietary friction formulation

This brake pad is well equipped with the friction formulation feature. This feature is well fixed to enable a quiet operation the moment you introduce brake at any point.

This mechanism works perfectly to ensure that brakes run smoothly and there is no friction to cause wear and tear. All the moving parts move freely and smoothly.

This feature also facilitates a wonderful breaking system which is absolutely unmatched. Not only proprietary friction formulation enhances excellent performance, it helps to reduce dust inside the breaking system.

2. Ceramic construction

Thermoquiet QC1324 ceramic disc pads are designed to last longer. This is because they are made using ceramic materials. Ceramic is generally known to be a strong material compared metallic materials.

The technology behind these pads ensures that they have a long service life. Integration of backing plate, friction material and insulator into one component creates a larger surface.

The thermal-sensitive friction helps in superior power and altogether this technology helps the pad to serve for long. The materials used to make the components are also durable increasing its life time.

3. Quality performance

These brake pads have been designed to offer 15% more stopping power. The laser-shaped friction technology on them minimizes heat and vibrations by utilizing its laser scanning procedure.

The laser scanning procedure optimizes pad-to-rotor contact hence giving you maximum stopping power.

Thermal-sensitive technology adjusts to a range of temperatures to give a better braking performance in different conditions. All the features of this braking pad works perfectly to produce maximum service.

4. Advanced technology

Wagner ThermoQuiet brake pads have dynamic noise absorption technology which basically absorbs vibrations at the area of contact ensuring a quieter braking.

The friction material’s integration with the insulator and backing plate allow efficient dissipation of heat and the vibrations, giving a still quiet performance.

The laser scanning technology is the final piece that allows quieter braking performances through its optimization of the pad-to-rotor contact. All these components ensure the braking pads are 35% quieter.

5. Design

Really you cannot finish without taking about the design of this brake pad. They  have an awesome design. The design involves latest revolutionary and proprietary formulation technologies that ensure unmatched stopping power, quiet braking and give a long service.

Its unique integrally molded insulator forms a basis of a one-piece design. Overall the design is awesome with great features that make the brake pad one of the best. All it’s feature are well designed to give the brake pad a unique shape.

Why should you use Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1324 Ceramic Disc Pad?

1. Ease of use

These brake pads are easy to use. They offer high performance hence reducing the trouble you may incur in delayed or slow stopping power you may get in other braking pads.

You just apply little brakes and your vehicle stops. The technology behind this brake pads makes them easy to use.

2. Thermal-sensitive friction

One good thing about this brake pads is the fact that they are made with the thermal-sensitive friction.

This feature is mainly built to enable easier adjustment of the temperature range. The temperature range can be adjusted to allow a dependable breaking performance.

3. Dynamic noise absorption technology

Many times breaking systems produce a lot of noise when braking, this however is not pleasing. Wagner ThermoQuiet offers a dynamic noise absorption technology to control the noise.

This technology absorbs all the vibrations experienced at the point of contact. It keeps the vibration down hence reducing noise produced.

4. Affordability

Considering everything offered by Wagner ThermoQuiet brake pad and its price tag, you can definitely say this pad is valuable. It works as promised and ensures you receive value for your money.

5. Patented friction technology

Wagner ThermoQuiet is also made with the patented friction technology. This technology is installed to eliminate any heat or vibration produced. Heat is exclusively dissipated by the integrally molded insulator

Product Benefits

  • It lasts longer
  • The brakes are quieter
  • Offer better stopping power
  • Though ceramic pads tend to be more expensive ThermoQuiet QC1324 is affordable in its class
  • They are sold as a set for 2 wheels
  • Help in ensuring cleaner wheels
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty
  • Advanced technology ensures performance under any driving conditions
  • Low copper friction technology ensures reduced amount of copper materials and other hazardous materials.
  • The laser technology help in eliminating heat and vibrations

The Negative Things

  • A few complaints have been made about dust
  • The ceramic brakes are more expensive than organic brakes
  • Thermoquiet QC1324 is not the top performer in extreme conditions; but top metallic brakes are.

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where are the pads manufactured?

It is made in the U.S.A

  1. How many ThermoQuiet pads are in the kit?

There are four pads

  1. Are they front or rear?

They are front

  1. Does the pads kit come per a wheel or per axle?

There are four pads hence the kit is per axle

  1. Do these pads fit a 2012 Toyota highlander front brake pad?

Yes they do fit

Final verdict

Wagner ThermoQuiet QC 1324 ceramic disc pad offers high performance with its advanced technologies that ensure you get a better stopping power and quieter braking experience. It is one of the best affordable disc pads in its class.

It sets new standards in innovation technologies and continually ensures you get the perfect performance. They deliver performance, dependability and durability for you in one package. I recommend this product and as you to consider it.


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