How much are Brake Pads?


Do you know how much the brake pads cost? We have prepared this article to breakdown the facts about the brake pads and how much they cost.
When it comes to the brakes in your car, you have to be sure to maintain and keep the brakes working correctly. It is because they determine your safety and that of others you have in your car.
It is a fact that it is costly to maintain a car. When talking about brake pads typically replacing them costs a range of 90- 250 dollars per axle and this depends on the model of your vehicle and the type of brake pads.
Different brake pads types cost differently. Also, the kind of car will determine the brakes required, and some will cost a bit higher than others. But the cost of labor also adds up to the total cost of replacing the brake pads.

Things to consider about how much are brake pads:

The material used to make the brake pads
The different types of brake pads are made with different materials, and they cost differently. For instance, ceramic brake pads are the most expensive. It is because of the fact that they produce less noise and are cleaner; they also last longer.
Semi-metallic brake pads are less expensive but are louder and do not last as long as the ceramic brake pads. Organic brakes are cheaper, but they wear out very quickly.
The metallic ones produce a lot of dust and noise, and many people dislike them. Therefore if you are going for ceramic brake pads, then you will need to spend a bit more.

Brake pads come in different varieties and with that, different prices. Cheaper brake pads are as a result of lower quality meaning they will not last long. Higher quality brake pads feature a thicker friction material that will last longer.
But this will come at a higher cost. Therefore it is a decision to take before buying brake pads. One has to compromise the other either high quality but pay more or less quality but pay less. The condition will always affect the amount you pay for a set of brake pads.

Consider who replaces them
The idea of changing the brake pads yourself is great if you want to save some cash on your side. It is of course if you can do it yourself. The cost of labor may increase the price of the overall replacement.
The cost of the brake pads may be cheaper, but that of labor might be higher. Labor charges might be in a range of 60- 100 dollars while the pads range between 50-150 dollars. From these labor really can change the whole pricing.

Type of car
The kind of car will determine the price of the brake pads. Sports cars and the luxurious car requires a different set of brake pads cost slightly expensive. It is because their speed is high hence need thicker brake pads.
Therefore if your car is a sports car or a luxurious one in that matter, then the number of brake pads on those vehicles will be different.
The brand of the car also will determine the price of the brake pads replaced in your vehicle.

Final Verdict
In general, the type of vehicle determines the kind of brake pads used. The quality of the material determines the value of the pads. High-quality brake pads that are thicker can be expensive and especially if made from ceramic material.
This kind of brake pads also offer the best performance, and that is why you find them on sports cars and luxurious cars. Overall there are many factors to consider when buying brake pads, and the price is one factor that you need to look at so much.

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