Ceramic vs. Semi-metallic Brake Pads

Ceramic vs. Semi-metallic Brake Pads
Image source: tbbrakepad.com

Do you know the difference between ceramic and semi-metallic brake pads? We have researched and written this article to elaborate and find out the main differences between the two brake pads.

Ceramic vs. Semi-metallic Brake Pads
Image source: tbbrakepad.com

The braking system of a vehicle is crucial as it assures the safety of the driver and the people in the car.
The braking system in every vehicle involves brake pads and the rotor among other braking components. The braking system in cars also requires servicing like other most parts of a car.
Many vehicles come with semi-metallic brake pads because of their nature to last long. Other cars like sports cars come with ceramic brake pads because they are more efficient
Other factors that make the two brake pads vary differently but give good results because after all, they are the most commonly used brake pads on vehicles.
Things to Consider about Ceramic vs. Semi-metallic Brake Pads

Construction material
Ceramic brake pads are composed of elements embedded with copper fiber, glass, and other ceramic materials. They are made to reduce noise on the vehicles and also reduce dust and save the rotor from wearing faster.
On the other side, the semi-metallic brake is composed of metal bits that are bonded with other non-metallic materials to give a durable piece. The semi-metallic pads contain between 30%-65% metals.
In comparison, semi-metallic and ceramic are both constructed from different materials that give them different properties and efficiency.

Performance efficiency
In braking systems, the brake pads press against a disc called a rotor hence slowing down a vehicle. If you consider each brake pad, they each perform differently the moment you press the brake.
Ceramic brake pads have higher efficiency. That is to say; they take a shorter time to bring a vehicle to a complete stop compared to the semi-metallic pads.
Due to the properties that make the ceramic pads are mad, their performance is high compared to the semi-metallic.
Semi-metallic pads, on the other hand, have excellent braking efficiency. They are useful in regular cars whereas the ceramic brake pads perform excellently on sports cars.

The cost of a product is one of the factors to consider when purchasing and using a product. When it comes to comparing the cost between ceramic brake pads and semi-metallic brake pads, you realize that they are different and one costs much more than the other.
Ceramic brake pads are the most expensive brake pads, and they cost much more than the semi-metallic brake pads. It is because ceramic pads are more efficient and have an excellent braking power compared to the semi-metallic pads.
That is the main reason why ceramic pads are expensive. These brake pads work best in sports cars and luxurious cars that go at higher speeds.

Durability is another factor to consider in ceramic vs. semi-metallic brake pads. You can choose between the two types of brake pads to find which one has a longer lifespan.
Semi-metallic brake pads last the longest. They wear at a slower rate compared to the ceramic. Even though ceramic brake pads have excellent braking power, they do not last as long as the semi-metallic.
But the durability might be affected by other factors such as weather conditions and the drivers’ skills.

Final Verdict
It is not easy to find a perfect brake pad, but users can make a compromise considering where they have a greater need.
If you prefer safety and performance, then you may spend more, or you may prefer durability than any other factor. Both ceramic and semi-metallic have advantages and disadvantages. They are the two top best types of brake pads in their classes.
They are the most widely used because they offer the best services compared to organic or metallic brake pads.




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