Bosch BP976 QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Pad Review


How devastating is it to have brake pads that are constituting nuisance perhaps due to the friction they encounter while the automobile is on motion. Of course, it’s quite annoying, right?

Therefore, opt for our Bosch BP976 QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Pads package that come in 4 different pieces. This has eccentric features that you’d be delighted in.

Of course, there are accessories that come alongside with the delivery of this product. The accessories that it comes with include a lube, spring clip, and so on.

However, the significance of this component is that it aids in the smooth use of brakes on automobiles. Apart from that, this is a product that’s made of semi metals and absolutely free from ceramics.

Furthermore, this means that it can be used with automobiles that are newly produced. Furthermore, the material used for the production of the component enhances the lucid performance of the brake.

The brake pad are super reliable and very durable. As a matter of fact, the material that’s used for their construction are compliant to standard degrees.

This is one that you are to mount at the front of the automobile and it’s just great for one to make use of.

Notwithstanding, here are 5 amazing tips that we’ve made available for apt apprehension.

Bosch BP976 QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Pad Review  | 5 Major Features

1. Intriguing Design

The brake pads that this has are of the same shape and they all have an irregular shape, why? They have strata on them which make them look odd.

However, the dimension of the package 8.6 x 5.3 x 3.3 inches and it weighs 3.2 pounds. The material used for the construction of the brake pads is a semi-metals and the shim on the inside is made of rubber.

Of course, the implication of this to reduce easy wears and screechy sounds while on motion. The installation of this component to automobiles is absolutely easy and they even come with accessories.

Notwithstanding, the brake pads are basically used of the front of an automobile.

2. Quiet Operation

This is the iteration of the past model that are produced by Bosch. Just as we stated earlier, the pads includes shims that are made of ABS plastic for reinforced strengths.

Nonetheless, this consists of a protective layers. The significance of this is to elongate the lifespan of both the rotor and the pads themselves.

As a matter of fact, the relative contact between the rotor and the pads is lucid. In other words, this doesn’t constitute nuisance in whatever way whenever the brake is applied.

In addition to this is, the components are produced with an aerospace alloy with copper which is free of ceramic. Of course, this is compliant with the 2025 copper free legislation.

3. Accessories

The packages that this come with consist of an anti-squeal lubricant, spring clips, and caliper pins. All these aids in the flowery performance of the automobile.

This has a total of 2 spring clips, and 4 caliper pins. Although it’s quite possible that you don’t see a manual yet you can intuitively install the brake pads just like the conventional ones.

The lube has to be applied to the shims of the brake pads before fixing it to the automobile. Meanwhile, the other accessories are used for holding the brake pads in place and they all are expected to be used appropriately.

4. Specifications

The component s best used for the front of these automobile brands and models: Lexus: 2010-17 GX460, 2003-09 GX470; Toyota: 2003-17 4Runner, 2007-14 FJ Cruiser, 2002-07 Sequoia, 2005-17 Tacoma, 2002-06 Tundra.

This brake pads come in 4 pieces. 2 are designated to be mounted at the driver’s space while the other two at the passenger’s space.

5. Reliability

This is a product that’s made of semi-metals which is mostly fitted for newly released automobile products.

As a matter of fact, it’s compliant with world standards and it’s even constructed with a premium quality. This is just so excellent to make use of.

Why Should You Use Bosch BP976 QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Pad?

1. Affordability

This is a product that costs less than $50. It comes in 4 pieces and you can depend on it for optimal use. It’s one that you can budget with.

2. Front

The brake pads are usable for newly manufactured products. And you can use it as a replacement to major automobiles.

3. Customers’ Review

This is a product that quite a lot of persons have extoled. They even recommend it to prospective buyers that are willing to purchase a product that they can depend on.

4. Silent Performance

The selling point of this product is that it’s silent. It doesn’t squeak like most products do and you can depend on it for optimal performance.

5. The Brand

This is a product that’s made by a renowned brand. The brand is internationally known for the production of premium quality. It’s just one that you can comfortably use.

Product Benefits

  • This is a product that comes in 4 pieces.
  • This comes with accessories. The accessories include lube, caliper pin, and spring clip.
  • This is a product that is highly affordable.
  • The shim of this product is semi-metallic and it doesn’t make sound.
  • It doesn’t constitute nuisance at all and neither does this cause the brake vibrate.
  • The manufacturer offers a reliable service.
  • This product is to be mounted for the front.

The Negative Things

  • It retains much dusts. However, it can be controlled.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How are the shims constructed?

Answer: They are well built inside the pads and applying lubes on them is pretty easy.

  1. Can this be used for all automobile models?

Answer:  No! It’s expedient that you check out the recommendations and specifications.

  1. How reliable is this product?

Answer: This product is absolutely reliable. It constitutes no nuisance at all.

  1. Is the copper used for this constitute a ceramic alloy?

Answer: No, it’s made of pure copper.

  1. Can one purchase the accessories separately from the manufacturer?

Answer: We can’t tell. However, we enjoin you to contact the manufacturer personally.

Final Verdict

The Bosch BP976 model is awesome for those that need brake pads for the front of their automobile. Notwithstanding, the manufacturer has expatiated the facts about the products.

With this review, you can now make the right purchase. It’s just one that you’d love to use for your automobile.


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