ACDelco 17D1367CH Ceramic Front Disc Brake Pad

ACDelco 17D1367CH Ceramic Front Disc Brake Pad Review

ACDelco 17D1367CH Ceramic Front Disc Brake Pad ReviewThis brake is known for resisting quick wear and corrosion. It is also very versatile as it works with a wide variety of vehicles regardless of the brand and model.

There is a good chance it works with your vehicle too. The brake meets the SAE J2784 standards. Since it has less metal, it provides high quality braking power.

Most importantly, it does not require curing so you can fix it right out of the box.

ACDelco 17D1367CH Ceramic Front Disc Brake Pad | 5 Major Features

1. 24 Month/Unlimited Mile Warranty

What most motorists love most about this brake pad is that it comes with a 24-month warranty. Most car part warranties are capped with a certain mileage but this one is not like that. The warranty does not have any mileage limit.

No matter how many miles you do on a daily basis, the warranty still stands until you use it longer than 2 years.

Apart from the cost that the warranty saves, offering a warranty is an indication of quality product and this gives buyers additional peace of mind.

2. Safety and Reliability

Its semi-metallic, ceramic, and organic formulas make for higher reliability and more safety. And that is why it works for a wide range of applications. The brakes are the most important parts of the vehicle.

You don’t want to imagine what will happen when your brake fails. This is why your brakes need to be in perfect condition always. Any brake that is 90% alright is not acceptable.

It is either 100% or nothing. This is why reliability is important in brake pads and in other components of the braking system.

3. Tested to SAE J2784 Standards

The reason mentioned above is why this is very important too. The pad has been tested to SAE J2784 standards for quality, Noise/Vibration/Harshness (NVH), durability, wear, and for effectiveness.

You can still sum all the parameters together as reliability. So, this also confirms that the brake pad has been tested for safety and reliability.

4. Corrosion Resistance

The pad has been engineered to resist corrosion and any pad that is corrosion resistant is usually also resistant to rust and wear. So, if you already agree that this product is resistant to corrosion, there is no need to remind you of its durability.

This is because rust, wear, and corrosion are the major factors that shorten the lifespan of brake pads.

5. Acdelco Product

Acdelco is a premium brand that rules the car part industry. The brand has a proven track record. So, the fact that the pad is made by Acdelco is a good reason to purchase it.

You don’t need to be reminded that many GE and non-GE motors use at least one Acdelco parts today.

Why Should You Use ACDelco 17D1367CH Ceramic Front Disc Brake Pad?

1. No Curing Required

Another reason many auto technicians love this brake pad is that it does not require curing at all. Just fix it and zoom off. You will appreciate this better on the day you have to squeeze out little time out of your tight schedule to fix your brake.

Then, you will appreciate the little curing time that it saves you.

2. Stamped Backing Plate

The pad comes with stamped backing plate. The benefits of this feature are prevention of premature wearing, noise reduction, proper movement within the caliper assembly, and brake pulsation.

What else could you be looking for in a brake pad that this product does not offer? Probably nothing.

3. Less Dust

The pad produces less dust than other semi-metallic and full metallic pads. This is another sign of slower wear. The more a pad produces dust the more it wears. So, this pad will last long. This leads to the next feature.

4. Durability

Being made of ceramic and nonferrous materials is one of the reasons it is very durable. That also implies that you may also use it for years without replacing it.

5. Versatility

Another reason this product is one of the best is its versatility. It works with a wide variety of cars regardless of their brand and model. This s exactly why many auto technicians recommend it for their clients.

Product Benefits

  • It is very versatile. Its compatibility cuts across several brands, models, and types of vehicle.
  • The pad comes with a 24-month unlimited warranty.
  • It is a product of ACDelco so it comes with peace of mind.
  • It is very safe and reliable.
  • It has been tested to SAE J2784 standards.
  • It is resistant to corrosion.
  • It produces less dust.
  • The pad is very durable.
  • It requires no curing.
  • It has a stamped backing plate that makes for brake pulsation.

The Negative Things

  • The pad is quite expensive.
  • It can only be shipped to a few countries apart from the United States.
  • With a weight of 5.65 pounds, it is a little too heavy.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Where can I get?

Answer: It is available on Amazon.

Question 2: How heavy is it?

Answer: It weighs 5.65 pounds.

Question 3: Does it have any warranty?

Answer: Yes, it comes with a 2-year warranty with unlimited mileage.

Question 4: Is curing required to fix it?

Answer: No, curing is not required.

Question 5: How prone to corrosion is it?

Answer: No, it is not prone to corrosion. It is resistant to corrosion.

Final Verdict

After going through the ACDelco 17D1367CH Ceramic Front Disc Brake Pad Review, you will realize that it is a wonderful product.

While some users feel that it is too costly, others feel it is worth its cost. Indeed, any brake pad that is durable and comes with a 2-year warranty is a great product.


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